The Golf Outing Director

You’ve spent 5 months planning the perfect tournament.
You triple check every detail.
The event tees off on-time with only a few minor glitches.
It rains cats and dogs after 16 holes!
Wet Cart
Yes, that’s the cart I drowned during an event I was directing! (sorry for the digital image size from 1998)

..and this is the story of why I feel a resource for tournament planners was needed.

I sank this cart during an incredible downpour and lightning on the 18th hole of the First Silicon Sandbar Open. I wish I could hit my 8 iron as far as the cart slid backwards down that hill at Hyannis!

I then stood soaking wet in front of 100 business associates to present prizes and goodwill for the Cape Cod Technology Council.

The next year, in the midst of a drought, it rained after 12 holes.

And everyone raved about the great time they had!

Rain or shine, golf tournaments are the single best social event your organization can sponsor. Everyone has fun, even new golfers, and people can’t wait to buy sponsorships so they can play and show their associates a good time.

But like most other directors, I started as a volunteer without a built-in knowledge base on event planning. If I were to order the knowledge I’d ask that it come with a large helping of fund-raising skills and a touch of direct mail on top.

There are literally hundreds of issues confronting a director and if your group can afford professional event management, you’ve still got nearly as many to deal with.

  • Do we need a committee?
  • Multiple committees?
  • How do I select a course?
  • What are the proper questions for the club pro?
  • What format will we play?
  • How much should we charge?
  • How will we handle registrations? Checks? Charge?
  • Do we need a special bank account?
  • Where can we get logo golf balls?
  • Who pays for the logo balls and or prizes?
  • What charity will we support?
  • When will the committee(s) meet?
  • Where to meet? How often?
  • Where do we get signs?
  • Who does our printing?
  • Who does our mailings?
  • Who will cater? What’s on the menu?
  • How often should we mail our invitation?
  • What does the invite say?
  • How do we solicit sponsors? Letters? Script?
  • When will people really sign up?
  • When should we begin to panic?
  • Does the committee play for free?
  • and on and on and on…. see the¬†growing¬†FAQ for some answers.

Those are just a sampling of the issues we’ve dealt with. Many more are on the checklist and we’ll be offering up solutions within this site.

That’s why this site is coming into existence; and why we hope you’ll write us with suggestions to help build our knowledge base.

After all, Golf outings are supposed to be fun. Even for the directors!

The FAQThe Spreadsheet

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